An Interview with Appian Media Founders about inRoads

We took a moment to interview the hosts of the new Appian Media podcast, inRoads. Here is a transcript of that interview.

‘inRoads’ is very different from both Following the Messiah & Searching for a King. Why take on a Podcast at Appian Media?

Craig: People have actually been asking us to create a podcast for quite some time. We finally felt like the timing was right to produce something that continues Appian Media’s mission, which has always been to create quality media about the Bible and make it freely available.

Stu: We want to reach people where they are. We know there are people out there that may never watch one of our videos but will listen to a podcast about the Bible. We see this as another opportunity to reach a new audience with the Bible.

What excites you the most about producing and hosting the ‘inRoads’ Podcast?

Craig: There is so much about this new podcast that I’m excited for! To be able to share not only the origins and mission of Appian Media, but also to give some real practical ideas for people about how you can use media to evangelize is really valuable. In addition, to have an opportunity to have some great conversations with Stu and others is really fantastic!

Stu: We have so many conversations amongst our team about Appian Media’s mission and the potential and direction the organization can go. To be able to bring those conversations out to our community and audience and get their input and ideas is really thrilling for me.

We’ve seen a large interest and following with our video products, how do you feel people will respond to a podcast? What can someone take away from a podcast that they can use in their Bible study?

Craig: It’s been so encouraging to see the response that we’ve had to our video series and I believe that this first podcast series will really connect with a lot of people. We’ll be talking to creatives that have an interest in the behind-the-scenes of the video production, to preachers and teachers that want to use media in more ways to reach people with the gospel and to the audience of our videos that want to learn more about how this all got started and where we plan to go from here. It’s all about equipping people with the right tools to study and teach the Bible more effectively and potentially even create some of their own tools.

Stu: I personally look for podcasts when I’m studying for Bible classes. I find a lot of value in listening to conversations about the Bible and podcasts have the ability to bring the listener into the discussion. I think Appian Media’s audience will really embrace the new medium and hopefully, they’ll provide feedback about how we can constantly improve.

Funding is important and necessary for ‘inRoads’. How are we trying to fund this and other podcasts and what does it take to do a podcast well?

Craig: Quality is really important to us, which is one of the reasons why we have waited this long to produce our first podcast: if we were going to create something, we wanted to do it well. To produce something of the quality that we strive for, inRoads will be funded primarily through short sponsor spots during each episode from companies or other organizations. We’ve had two amazing companies agree to sponsor season 1 and we’re thankful for their support.

Stu: To do a podcast well we knew it would take a lot of time, research and production. It was important to us that we did a video element with the podcast as well, again to reach people where they are. It’s easy to think that podcasts are simple and some may be but when you’re a media company I think we need to make sure it’s done right… people have come to expect that from Appian Media. This is a great opportunity for companies that want to support Appian Media and align with us as we continue our mission.

You both worked in radio at the start of your career. How does it feel to be back behind a microphone?

Craig: It’s fantastic! Back in high school, I had a job at a local radio station in Indiana and basically got paid to have fun on the air. It was a blast! I learned a lot and I have to give a nod to God’s forethought that here I am, fifteen years later, using those same skills to create something meaningful and helpful in His kingdom.

Stu: It’s definitely not something I would have expected to be doing again but I feel comfortable behind a microphone. I’m usually not a big talker… until you get onto a subject that I’m passionate about then I could talk to you for hours. Radio laid the groundwork but having the podcast outlet is really freeing.

What do you think is going to be the biggest eye-opener for people when they listen to season 1 of ‘inRoads’?

Craig: I think that our listeners may be surprised to hear about not only the successes that we’ve had with Appian Media, but also the various challenges that we’ve encountered, and how (with God’s help), we’ve been able to overcome them and learn from them.

Stu: What God has allowed us to accomplish over a relatively short period of time will be eye-opening for people and hopefully inspiring. It’s taken a lot of faith and still does and hopefully you walk away from the podcast encouraged to do great things for God.

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