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Wisdom in the Heart

Justin sits down with his 10-year old son and 8-year old daughter as they study Proverbs 3. Listen for the dynamic of these different personalities and hear suggestions on how to navigate studying with multiple children.

Tracy Robinson – Documentary Filmmaker

Tracy Robinson is a documentary filmmaker, freelance video editor, and the Director and Producer of “The Matter of Life”, a documentary that addresses the issue of abortion through science, philosophy, history, and powerful personal one...

What is Wisdom?

Justin sits down with his 4-year old daughter and they have a conversation about Proverbs 1. He uses some interesting visual aids to help illustrate the point of this age-old proverb.  

Sergio & Rhoda in Israel

After living seven years in the United States, Sergio and Rhoda moved back to the country of their birth, Israel. Combining their love of the Bible and of the land, they now document their travels through key biblical sites in Israel and share them...


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