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Tac Coluccio – Director – Documentary

Tac Coluccio joins us today on the podcast! If you don’t know that name… you’ll want to after hearing his story. He’s created a powerful, emotional documentary and has another project in pre-production now. That’s all coming up on inRoads!

Weather and the Bible

Today on the podcast we talk weather! Did you know it snows in Jerusalem… or that the lowest place on earth is in Israel? We’ll discuss all those things and more today on Digging Deeper!

Brett Varvel – Director

Today on the podcast we talk with Brett Varvel! He’s a director, and actor who has created several scripted films with his production company House of Grace Films. We talk about the power of film and his latest project “Treasure Lies”.

Justin Dobbs – Writer

We sit down with Justin Dobbs… a man behind-the-scenes a lot of the time but an integral player for Appian Media. He’s a writer and will soon be hosting a podcast of his own on Appian Media’s channel… our conversation with Justin Dobbs… coming up...

Never Stop Learning About the Bible

He’s a gospel preacher and has been a student of the Bible for decades… and we were there when he visited Israel… for the first time. Today on the podcast we hear from Ralph Walker as he shares some observations from the Bible lands. 

Jeremy Dehut – Trial & Triumph

Today on the show… we sit down with Jeremy Dehut. He’s a writer, researcher and host for our “Following the Messiah” and “Searching for a King” series. We’ll chat about how he got started with Appian Media and hear his thoughts about “Digital...

Using Media to Evangelize

 Once you’ve got a great piece of media content, what next? We’ve made the tools, but how do we use them? We give some tips for using media to help spread God’s word in the 21st century. 00:30 – Show Open Welcome to Inroads...

Creating Biblical Content vs. Fundraising

 We know this content can’t get made without money… but how do we balance the content creation with the fundraising and what is our long term goal for Appian Media? We also share tips about how we were able to raise the funds for...