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Once you’ve got a great piece of media content, what next? We’ve made the tools, but how do we use them? We give some tips for using media to help spread God’s word in the 21st century.

00:30 – Show Open

  • Welcome to Inroads, where we talk about the WHY of Appian Media and HOW you can use the technology of today to spread the timeless message of the Bible. Learn more about us and watch our free video series at

1:00 – Introductions

2:00 – Talk tools for evangelism. Gives examples (if applicable) from the Bible.   

5:00 – What has evangelism looked like in the past? How does it change with each generation? What are some major advancements?

7:00 – The importance of evangelism…     

10:00 – What has the reach and impact been for AM’s work so far? How is that evangelism? What do we aim to do moving forward? Any goals for reach? Share success stories.

  • Statistics from content: 100+ countries, hundreds of thousands of views (322K views),
  • It’s about making “inroads” Progress, advancement into enemy territory for the cause of Christ!
  • Quotes from viewers:
    • “Just want to write and say ‘Thanks’ for all the great work you have done with the Following the Messiah series. We were writing to recommend it to a friend today and commented about how we admire your gentleness, your thorough research, Christ centered focus, and your desire to produce quality material and make it freely available.” – Ross from New Zealand
    • “We have seen an increase in class attendance, interest, participation, and positive feedback. Thank you so much for all the work of your team to make this available! I have recommended it to several people in other congregations. May God bless you all.”
      “I found these when I was in a really dark place and they helped to bring me some light” – User from YouTube

20:00 – Talk about tips for the audience to use tools like AM’s videos and social media to spread God’s word.   

25:00 – Wrap up/ Tease next show

CTA: inRoads is a production of Appian Media… we’re a non-profit video production company that is 100% crowdfunded. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can support Appian Media so we can continue to create more great… FREE content visit us at

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